Rules and Regulations

Godspeed Raceway Track RULES 2022 (updated 3/30/22)

1. Show ALL staff and other drivers respect at all times.

2. NO ALCOHOL violators will be removed from the premises.

3. NO FIGHTING will be tolerated.

4. Closed toe shoes, full face helmet, gloves, full length pants and neck brace required.

Godspeed Raceway Tech Rules 2022

1. No working on karts on concrete grid past the orange line this includes NO TOOLS, NO PREP or NO Fuel. You CAN check air pressure.

2. AKRA or NKA engine rules.

3. All Flat karts run Burris 33 A

4. Champ karts run Burris 33 A OR 55

5. Protest Fee: $150 Must finish on lead lap to protest.

6. Tech director decides when tech starts (This excludes Predator RPMs)

7. Tech official reserves the right to ask any member to leave the tech area

8. Scoring system makes the FINAL call across the finish line.

9. Flagman has final call on DQ’s on the track.

10. Only driver and 1 pit crew allowed in impound

11. NO hand signals or Lights signals. Driver will be disqualified for pit crew giving signals.

12. Driver's meetings ARE MANDATORY! If the driver is not at the driver's meeting, the driver's fastest lap from qualifying will be taken. If heat race, they start at the rear.


1. Out of the Box- stock gas tank and muffler intact

2. Add ONLY: chain guard and throttle kit

3. CAN disconnect OR cut low oil sensor

4. CAN drill hole or holes in Fuel Cap for vent

5. NO DECALS of engine builders

6. NO taping of blower housing

7. Governor MUST surge

8. 5000 RPM MAX

9. 87 OCT gas ONLY

10. Open clutch rule EXCEPT NO Torque converters

11. Claim Rule: $200 to buy motor. You can take off and keep you own clutch, chain guard and throttle kit. Must have run the race to claim. If you refuse to sell, you forfeit all points for the current season and cannot run predator class for the season. Cannot counter buy predator, you can only buy a kart in front of you.

Box stock motor:

  1. You CAN drill hole or holes in the top of the gas cap

  2. CAN Disconnect OR CUT the oil sensor

  3. CAN Install throttle kit

  4. No aluminum flywheel

  5. No aftermarket decals on engine

  6. All other motor parts must be in tact

  7. Governor must surge and be in working order from the factory

  8. 5000 RPM maximum

  9. Open clutch

  10. Any spark plug

  11. Stock gas tank and muffler