Rules and Regulations

Predator Rule Update Effective Immediately 7/7/21:

Gear minimum 53. This means you may not use any gear that is smaller than a 53.

This is to help keep this class affordable for everyone!

Please contact us with any questions.

This rule does not apply to sanctioned races at Godspeed Raceway!

Predator Rules (weight 375 and 350):

Box stock motor:

  1. You CAN drill a hole in the top of the gas cap

  2. CAN Disconnect the oil sensor but wires must still be in tact

  3. CAN Install throttle kit

  4. No aluminum flywheel

  5. No aftermarket decals on engine

  6. All other motor parts must be in tact

  7. Governor must surge and be in working order from the factory

  8. 5000 RPM maximum

  9. Open clutch

  10. Claimer rule: $175 driver can remove and keep clutch and chain guard

  11. To use claimer rule driver must have completed the race

  12. Any spark plug

  13. Stock gas tank and muffler